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This Is How We Do It.

Planning a party can seem like a daunting task. Let Creative Lab Agency  be your virtual party planner and take all of the guesswork out of creating your next party in six simple steps.


The B Scene Process.

First, let’s decide on a vibe. Casual dinner for close friends? Celebrating a birthday? A theme event surrounding a particular life event or holiday? Our pre-curated scenes incorporate different textures, colors and moods that will realize your vision.


Second, add the details. Candles, place cards and customized gifts for your guests are just a few ways to ensure that your event is a success.


Third, how many guests you’d like to invite.

Fourth, what's the date of your event.

Fifth, where’s the party? Creative Lab Agency  will deliver everything you need directly to your door, one day prior to the event. Simply unpack your party-in-a-box and follow the easy instructions. Your place settings, decor, florals, menus, place cards, gifts, and more comes in your case(s).

That’s a wrap!

Lastly, at the end of the event, wash everything off and pack up your Scene back in the B Scene case(s) it/they came in and we'll pick it up the next day. 

Remember, your “details” are yours to keep for your next party!

Call 1-305-509-9125 for pick up!


Yes!  It’s that easy.  

Remember, the team at Creative Lab Agency  are experts in creating the perfect experience, so if you don’t see a scene that fits your fantasy, we would be happy to customize one specifically for you. Additionally, our website will be updated periodically to include seasonal scenes as well as those that will go perfectly with individual holidays.


Monthly subscriptions are available for those who entertain regularly. Whether you entertain monthly for a party of six with a different scene each time, or if you simply would like to take the guess work out of a special recurring “date night”, we’ve got you covered.


Upon receiving your order, the Creative Lab Agency  team will review and send you a confirmation email, in which we will ask any pertinent questions and double check all delivery information.

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